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leading manufcaturer of entire range of magnetic components
Supreme Systems Pvt. Ltd.

What are the products you manufacture?
Switching Transformers for fly back, forward, Push pull and buck-boost converters Linear transformer i.e low frequency, low power transformer for sophisticated electronics circuits. Pulse & Signal Transformers
High Accuracy Current Transformer for Precision power and energy metering
Common Mode and Differential mode Chokes for EMI Filters

What are your Delivery Schedules?
For Samples – 2 to 7 days (Minimum – 2 days) Typical Delivery Schedule – 2 to 4 weeks Rush orders 1 to 2 weeks, Normal orders 2 to 4 weeks,

Do you undertake customized Transformers involving special tooling for bobbins?
We under take such design and development customized transformer on merits. We have very good relations with our vendors for bobbins. However the development of tooling takes 4 to 8 weeks.

What are the types of cores and bobbins you use?
Ferrite Transformer cab be supplied in EE, EI, EC, ETD, PQ, RM, Pot Core, U Drum, Rod geometries, High Flux density lamination core in CRGO & CRNGO.
Bobbins are available in Glass filled Nylon Material. For special application flaw retardant bobbin.


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